Mind the Generation Gap

Article published 24/7/17 by Pulse Today. Also cut and paste below, for those of you who can’t read the link. Thanks for reading.   http://www.pulsetoday.co.uk/views/letters/mind-the-generation-gap-gps-need-to-stick-together/20034877.article     Last week, Pulse published an article which provoked quite a reaction, and really got me thinking. There were a couple of clear messages which could be gleaned from the comments […]

GPs Have Nothing to be Ashamed of

Originally published 16/12/15 http://www.pulsetoday.co.uk/views/letters/gps-have-nothing-to-be-ashamed-of/20030720.fullarticle ‘General practice has failed as a profession’ – this was a headline in the Daily Mail this weekend. And again in Pulse on Monday. In the current climate of denigration of the medical profession and of GPs in particular, this didn’t really come as any big surprise. Just another journalist or […]